Workforce Tuition Scholarship

Workforce Tuition Scholarships are funded with income from our on-line certification courses. Funds are managed by the Workforce Tuition Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to manage and distribute this scholarship money.

Applications for 2016 Scholarships will be available in June 2016. These scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in our member schools or soon to be enrolled in one of our schools.
Congratulations to the 2015 Workforce Tuition Scholarship Recipients.
Certificate Winners
Tavia Birnesser
Boardman Training Center, $600
Tori Hoffman
Boardman Training Center, $600
Amy Mayfield
Ohio Business College, $600
Jose Reyes
American School of Technology, $600
Heather Louise Smith
Stautzenberger College. $600
Diploma Winners
Trudi Beard
Kaplan College, $1,200
Luke Boyle
Groove U, $1,200
Diane Burkholder
Brown Mackie College, $1,200
Corie Skibinski
Stautzenberger College, $1,200
Crystal Caldwell
American School of Technology, $1,200
Keli Jones
ETI Technical College, $1,200
Angela M Mesa
Ohio Business College, $1,200
Joshua Spence
Groove U, $1,200
Sue Miller
The Healing Arts Institute, $1,200
Shawn Morris
Stautzenberger College, $1,200
Danielle Samples
Brown Mackie College, $1,200
Patricia Wilson
Ohio Institute of Allied Health, $1,200
Degree Winners
Sonya Allen
Stautzenberger College, $2,500
Ryan Bowers
Ohio Business College, $2,500
Tyler Elson
Harrison College, $2,500
Tracy A. Mask
Trumbull Business College, $2,500
Nicole M Pridgen
Chamberlain College of Nursing, $2,500
Lloyd V Graham
Harrison College, $2,500
Samantha Hanna
Bryant & Stratton College, $2,500
George Hawkins
DeVry University, $2,500
Angela Prokopokis
Ohio Valley College of Technology, $2,500
Harley King
Brown Mackie College, $2,500
Justin Lively
Gallipolis Career College, $2,500
Danielle Margolis
Brown Mackie College, $2,500
Vincent Webb
Stautzenberger College, $2,500